Definition of Cyber Monday

What is meant by the term "Cyber Monday"? What is the definition of the term "Cyber Monday"?

Cyber Monday occurs the Monday after Thanksgiving, and is meant to be the online equivalent of "Black Friday".

What is Cyber Monday? - DefinitionThe term "Cyber Monday" was coined by in 2005, and has since become a part of our lexicon.

Many online retailers have jumped on the "Cyber Monday" bandwagon, offering deep discounts and other perks to lure online shoppers to their stores on this day.

The original intent behind "Cyber Monday" was that people would be returning to work after the Thanksgiving weekend, intent on continuing their Christmas shopping that they had started on "Black Friday". In fact, in 2009, over half of all "Cyber Monday" shoppers did their buying from work computers.

In 2009, online shoppers spent nearly a billion dollars on "Cyber Monday".

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