Definition of Eviction

What does the term "eviction" mean? What is the definition of the term "eviction"?

"Eviction" is the lawful removal of a tenant from a rental property by a landlord.

Definition of Eviction - Financial Dictionary - Real EstateEviction laws vary greatly depending on the country that you are currently living in. Most countries require landlords to give their tenants at least a month's notice if they are planning on pursuing an eviction. This is generally referred to as an "eviction notice".

A landlord may evict a tenant "with cause", or they may choose to evict a tenant without cause. In most cases, tenants are evicted "with cause" because of the non-payment of rent. However, landlords can choose to evict a tenant without cause as well. In many countries, tenants are given a certain period of time (usually a couple of days) to correct any issues if they are facing an eviction "with cause".

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