Definition of Moscow Mitch

What does the term "Moscow Mitch" mean? What does "Moscow Mitch" mean?

What is the meaning of the recent term that went viral in the world of US politics and finance - Moscow Mitch?  Dave explains."Moscow Mitch" is the derogatory nickname that was given to Senate Leader Mitch McConnell by television host Joe Scarborough.

In a segment on his MSNBC television show, Joe "Morning Joe" Scarborough laid into McConnell, claiming that McConnell was "aiding and abetting Putin's ongoing attempts to subvert U.S. democracy" by not allowing voting on election security bills.

Here is the segment where the "Moscow Mitch" meme started:


The #Moscowmitch hashtag has frequently trended on Twitter, and McConnell has had several publicly speaking engagements temporarily halted by people shouting "Moscow Mitch!"

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