Definition of Obamanomics

What is “Obamanomics”? What is the definition of “Obamanomics”?

“Obamanomics” refers to the economic policies preferred by current US President, Barack Obama.

If “Reaganomics” espoused the use of “trickle-down economics”, then “Obamanomics” would be the exact opposite - “bottom-up economics” as some people have said.

- Finance term - Obamanomics --When people use the term “Obamanomics” (and note, most of the people who use this term use it in a mocking manner”, they are usually referring to the idea of a “redistribution of wealth”, meaning that wealthier people will be made to contribute more in taxes.

In addition, when people use the term “Obamanomics” they are envisioning a larger government fueled by increased tax revenues.

“Obamanomics” = increased taxes on higher-income citizens, increased government spending and increased regulations

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