Definition of Purple State

What is the definition of the term "purple state"? What does the term "purple state" mean?

The term "purple state" is another way to describe a swing state or battleground state.

A "swing state" or "battleground state" is a state that tends to swing back and forth between Democrats and Republicans in the US Presidential election. For instance, a state like Ohio (which is a purple/battleground/swing state) could give their electoral votes to the Democrats one election and the Republicans the next.

Definition of Purple State - Financial Dictionary - ElectionsStarting in 2000, the media started to refer to states that voted Democratic as "blue states" and states that voted Republican as "red states". If you combine the colors red and blue you are left with purple - hence the term, "purple state".

Presidential candidates will spend a great amount of time and money on "purple states" during their campaigns, as these are the states that decide the election. For instance, if a candidate wins Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida (all "purple states"), they will likely win the entire election, assuming that traditionally "red" and "blue" states don't flip parties unexpectedly.

A state such as Texas, for instance, is a "red" state, so both Democrats and Republicans know that there is no point in spending too much time or money in the state, as they are very likely to give their votes to the Republican party.

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