List of Current US Intragovernmental Holdings

"Federal law requires that all excess funds be invested in interest-bearing securities backed by the full faith and credit of the United States." This refers to excess funds held in the Social Security Trust fund, Civil Service Retirement and Disability Fund and others.

What are intragovernmental holdings?

List of Current US Intragovernmental Holdings (as of September 30th, 2013)

Federal Old-Age and Survivors Insurance Trust Fund$2,655,599,000,000
Civil Service Retirement and Disability Fund, Office of Personnel Management$713,761,000,000
Department of Defense, Military Retirement Fund$421,327,000,000
Federal Hospital Insurance Trust Fund$206,010,000,000
Department of Defense, Medicare Eligible Retiree Fund$188,664,000,000
Federal Disability Insurance Trust Fund$100,791,000,000
Federal Supplementary Medical Insurance Trust Fund$67,385,000,000
Nuclear Waste Disposal Fund, Department of Energy$50,598,000,000
Postal Service Retiree Health Benefits Fund$42,324,000,000
Employees' Life Insurance Fund, Office of Personnel Management$41,951,000,000
Deposit Insurance Fund$36,864,000,000
Unemployment Trust Fund$29,478,000,000
Employees' Health Benefits Fund, Office of Personnel Management$23,427,000,000
Exchange Stabilization Fund, Office of the Secretary, Treasury$22,669,000,000
Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation$17,692,000,000
Foreign Service Retirement and Disability Fund$17,364,000,000
Airport and Airway Trust Fund$11,808,000,000
National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund$10,643,000,000
Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund$7,706,000,000
National Service Life Insurance Fund, Department of Veterans Affairs$6,256,000,000
Overseas Private Investment Corporation, Insurance and Equity Non Credit Account$5,392,000,000
Assets Forfeiture Fund, Justice$4,676,000,000
Uranium Enrichment and Decommissioning Fund, Department of Energy$3,673,000,000
Vaccine Injury Compensation Trust Fund$3,244,000,000
Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund$3,213,000,000
District of Columbia Federal Pension Trust Fund$3,209,000,000
Farm Credit Insurance Fund, Capital Corporation Investment Fund, Farm Credit Administration$3,201,000,000
Hazardous Substance Superfund$3,187,000,000
Postal Service Fund$2,860,000,000
Treasury Forfeiture Fund$2,824,000,000
Abandoned Mines Reclamation Fund, Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement$2,751,000,000
Child Enrollment Contingency Fund$2,098,000,000
Highway Trust Fund$1,957,000,000
Aviation Insurance Revolving Fund$1,937,000,000
Veterans Special Life Insurance Fund, Trust Revolving Fund, Department of Veterans Affairs$1,914,000,000
Sport Fish Restoration and Boating Trust Fund$1,866,000,000
Guarantees of Mortgage-Backed Securities Fund, Government National Mortgage Association,Housing and Urban Development$1,812,000,000
Department of Defense, Education Benefits Fund$1,779,000,000
United States Enrichment Corporation Fund$1,608,000,000
Federal Aid to Wildlife Restoration, United States Fish and Wildlife Service$1,421,000,000
Environmental Improvement and Restoration Fund$1,327,000,000
Leaking Underground Storage Tank Trust Fund$1,323,000,000
Assessment Funds, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency$1,293,000,000
Support for US Relocation to Guam Activities$862,000,000
Social Security Equivalent Benefit Account, Railroad Retirement Board$840,000,000
FSLIC Resolution Fund, The$825,000,000
Railroad Retirement Account$788,000,000
National Service Trust, Corporation for National and Community Services$689,000,000
Southern Nevada Public Land Management Act of 1998$654,000,000
Lower Colorado River Basin Development Fund, Bureau of Reclamation$557,000,000
Judicial Survivors Annuities Fund$516,000,000
Bonneville Power Administration Fund, Power Marketing Administration, Dept of Energy$499,000,000
Natural Resource Damage Assessment and Restoration Fund, US Fish and Wildlife Service,Interior$485,000,000
Judicial Officers Retirement Fund$479,000,000
Securities and Exchange Commission Investor Protection Fund$434,000,000
Temporary Corporate Credit Union Stabilization Fund$362,000,000
Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Trust Fund$354,000,000
Gulf Coast Restoration Trust Fund$323,000,000
Voluntary Separation Incentive Fund, Defense$269,000,000
Prison Industries Fund, Department of Justice$265,000,000
United States Trustee System Fund, Justice$231,000,000
Veterans Reopened Insurance Fund$226,000,000
Utah Reclamation Mitigation and Conservation Account, Interior$168,000,000
Native American Institutions Endowment Fund$138,000,000
District of Columbia Judges Retirement Fund$131,000,000
Central Liquidity Facility, National Credit Union Administration$127,000,000
South Dakota Terrestrial Wildlife Habitat Restoration Trust Fund$121,000,000
Commodity Futures Trading Commission Customer Protection Fund, Commodity Futures Trading Commission$95,000,000
General Post Fund, National Homes, Department of Veterans Affairs$86,000,000
Federal Housing Finance Board Working Capital Fund$72,000,000
Trust Fund, The Barry Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Fund$67,000,000
Armed Forces Retirement Home Trust Fund$65,000,000
Financial Research Fund$62,000,000
Expenses, Presidio Trust$60,000,000
Operating Fund, National Credit Union Administration$57,000,000
Harry S Truman Memorial Scholarship Trust Fund, Harry S Truman Scholarship Foundation$54,000,000
Panama Canal Commission Compensation Fund$52,000,000
Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Terrestrial Wildlife Habitat Restoration Trust Fund$50,000,000
War-Risk Insurance Revolving Fund, Maritime Administration$43,000,000
Inland Waterways Trust Fund$39,000,000
Lincoln County Land Act$39,000,000
Japan-United States Friendship Trust Fund, Japan-United States Friendship Commission$38,000,000
Revolving Fund for Administrative Expense, Farm Credit Administration$38,000,000
James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation Fund$37,000,000
Operation and Maintenance, Indian Irrigation Systems, Bureau of Indian Affairs$36,000,000
Court of Veterans Appeals Retirement Fund$32,000,000
Claims Court Judges Retirement Fund$29,000,000
Morris K Udall Scholarship and Excellence in National Environmental Policy Trust Fund$27,000,000
National Institutes of Health Unconditional Gift Fund$25,000,000
Tennessee Valley Authority Fund$25,000,000
Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Fund$24,000,000
Power Systems, Indian Irrigation Projects, Bureau of Indian Affairs$24,000,000
Host Nation Support For US Relocation Activities Account$18,000,000
Lower Brule Sioux Tribe Terrestrial Wildlife Habitat Restoration Trust Fund$17,000,000
Conditional Gift Fund, General, Department of State$16,000,000
International Center for Middle Eastern-Western Dialogue Trust Fund$16,000,000
John C Stennis Center for Public Service Training and Development$15,000,000
Science, Space and Technology Education Trust Fund, National Aeronautics and Space Administration$15,000,000
Library of Congress Gift Fund$13,000,000
Library of Congress Trust Fund$13,000,000
National Archives Trust Fund, National Archives and Records Administration$12,000,000
Capitol Visitor Center Revolving Fund$11,000,000
Community Development Credit Union Revolving Fund National Credit Union Administration$11,000,000
Tax Court Judges Survivors Annuity Fund$11,000,000
Capitol Preservation Fund, US Capitol Preservation Commission$10,000,000
United States Government Life Insurance Fund, Department of Veterans Affairs$10,000,000
Defense Cooperation Account, Defense$8,000,000
Eisenhower Exchange Fellowship Program Trust Fund$8,000,000
Department of Defense General Gift Fund, Defense$7,000,000
United States Naval Academy General Gift Fund$7,000,000
Open World Leadership Center Trust Fund$6,000,000
Israeli Arab Scholarship Program, United States Information Agency$5,000,000
National Security Education Trust Fund$5,000,000
Department of the Army General Gift Fund$3,000,000
FHA - General and Special Risk Insurance Fund, Liquidating Account, Housing and Urban Development$3,000,000
National Gift Fund, National Archives and Records Administration$3,000,000
Public Health Service Conditional Gift Fund, Health Resources and Services Administration$3,000,000
Department of the Navy General Gift Fund$2,000,000
Retired Employees' Health Benefits Fund, Office of Personnel Management$2,000,000
Coast Guard General Gift Fund$1,000,000
Department of the Air Force General Gift Fund$1,000,000
Gifts and Bequests, Treasury$1,000,000
Gifts and Donations, National Endowment of the Arts$1,000,000
Servicemen's Group Life Insurance Fund$1,000,000
Endeavor Teacher Fellowship Trust Fund$0
Esther Cattell Schmitt Gift Fund, Treasury$0
National Institutes of Health Conditional Gift Fund$0
Oliver Wendell Holmes Devise Fund, Library of Congress$0
Patients Benefit Fund, National Institutes of Health$0
Preservation, Birthplace of Abraham Lincoln, National Park Service$0
Senate Preservation Trust Fund$0

Total: $4,742,656,000,000

Note:Total number may be off slightly due to rounding issues

Source: - Monthly Statement of the Public Debt of the United States