Definition of Coalition

What does the term "coalition" mean in the world of politics? What is the definition of the term "coalition"?

In the world of politics, a "coalition" can refer to two different things:

1) When two or more parties team up to form a government or opposition, this is known as a "coalition".

Definition of the term Coalition - Financial Dictionary - Government - IllustrationFor instance - let's say that a liberal party is en route to gaining a minority government. This party may open talks with other parties to try and garner enough seats to form a majority government. In return for their support, the liberal party would likely offer certain concessions to the parties who are joining their "team", so to speak.

2) When two or more countries team up to perform some sort of military action, this is known as a "coalition".

For instance, during the second Iraq war, a number of countries, including the United States and United Kingdom, formed a "coalition". In short, these countries pledged to combine resources in order to accomplish a shared goal, which, in the case of the second Iraq war, was removing Saddam Hussein from power and eliminating his "weapons of mass destruction".

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