What is Tim Cook's Net Worth?

Tim Cook CEO of Apple Inc.

Name: Tim Cook

Born: November 1st, 1960

Company: Apple Inc. (AAPL)

Position: CEO

Tim Cook currently has a net worth of an estimated:


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Timothy "Tim" Cook is the man who has the unenviable (or enviable, depending on how you look at it) task of succeeding Steve Jobs as the CEO of Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. is no longer the small fish doing battle against the likes of Microsoft and Dell. Apple is now the 800 pound gorilla, looking down at every single other publicly traded company in the world. Apple is currently one of the world's most valuable companies, alongside the likes of Exxon Mobil, Berkshire Hathaway and Microsoft.

Tim Cook is charged with the task of making sure that the Apple machinery continues to run smoothly. Tim Cook is the man that is charged with the task of making sure that the planet continues to gobble up millions upon millions of iPhones, iPads, iMacs and iPods.

Cook was officially named as Apple's CEO on August 24th, 2011. Cook had "filled in" as CEO of the company multiple times in the past due to Steve Jobs' continued health problems.

Tim Cook joined Apple in 1998 after working at Compaq. Cook originally had the title of SVP of Worldwide Operations before moving up in the company. Cook is credited with implementing and overseeing the company's manufacturing outsourcing process.

In an effort to retain Cook over the long term, Apple awarded their new CEO 1 million RSUs (restricted stock units). Half of these restricted stock units vest on August 24th, 2016, while the other half vest on August 24th, 2021. Cook is free to sell his shares as soon as they vest.

These RSUs currently have a market value of nearly $900 million.

After granting such a large chunk of restricted stock units to Cook, Apple said this:

"In light of Mr Cook's experience with the company, including his leadership during Mr Jobs' prior leaves of absence, the board views his retention as CEO as critical to the company's success and smooth leadership transition. The RSU award is intended as a long-term retention incentive for Mr Cook, and, accordingly, should be viewed as compensation over the 10-year vesting period and not solely as compensation for 2011."

Tim Cook also received a $900k salary, $900k bonus and other perks during his first year on the job. Combine that with the RSUs and Cook took home one of the most lucrative compensation packages ever in 2011.


Tim Cook was already phenomenally wealthy prior to his receiving 1 million Apple restricted stock units.

Here is a look at Tim Cook's total compensation from 2009-2011, including stock awards:

2011 - $377,996,537
2010 - $59,092,572
2009 - $1,641,317

Cook received a $5 million bonus and 75,000 in restricted stock units in 2010. He has since sold these shares.

Cook also received 200,000 RSUs in September of 2008, and these vested in full in March of 2012. Cook sold all of these 200k shares at a price of around $600 per share, which works out to a $120 million payday.

In addition, Cook was also granted 75,000 restricted stock units in March of 2010. Half of these shares vested in March of 2011, while the other half vested in March of 2012. Cook sold his first half at around $350/share and the second half at around $550 per share, for a payday of roughly $33.75 million.

Timothy Cook also serves as a Director at Nike. On December 21st, 2010, Cook sold 10,000 shares of Nike at $91. He had held options for Nike that were exercisable at $42.985 per share.

Based on everything that has been posted above, I'm confident adding $300 million to Tim Cook's net worth.


Other Notes:

-Cook currently owns 950,767 shares of Apple

-Cook realized a profit of over $35 million when he disposed of roughly 350,000 shares of Apple in September of 2014

-Cook exempted himself from a compensation program at Apple that allows company employees to collect dividends on stock grants that have not yet vested. This move could cost Cook $75 million

Q: How many shares of Apple Inc. does Tim Cook own?

A: 1,755,767


Tim Cook is worth 7,657 times more than the median US household

If Tim Cook sold everything that they owned, they could fund the United States' deficit spending for 0.2 days.

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Recent Updates

January 22nd, 2015 - Disposed of 875,000 shares of Apple (456,575 were withheld by Apple to satisfy tax withholding requirements)


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