UK National Debt Clock 2019

The UK National Debt Clock

According to the Office for National Statistics (which is the executive office of the UK Statistics Authority, which reports directly to Parliament), the United Kingdom had a gross debt of:


As of: June, 2012

(note: This roughly translates into 1.4375 trillion Euros, or about $1.8 trillion dollars USD.

This 1.139 trillion pound figure represents 46% of the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of the United Kingdom.

As of June 2012, the United Kingdom had a total of 62,641,000 residents, meaning that the average citizen of the UK owes approximately:


This works out to about 28,808 USD owed per person in the United Kingdom.

Comparatively speaking, the average US citizen owes $52,500 as their share of the US national debt.

Who does the UK government (and by extension, the citizens of the United Kingdom) owe all of this money to?

Good question - to find the answer, let's look to the Quarterly Review that is published by the UK Debt Management Office (DMO):

Bank of England (Asset Purchase Facility): £319,138,000,000
Insurance Companies and Pension Funds: £286,493,000,000
Overseas Investors: £380,342,000,000
Other Financial Institutions and Other: £90,496,000,000
Monetary Financial Institutions: £115,832,000,000
Households: £46,027,000,000
Local Authorities and Public Corporations: £2,242,000,000

Source: National Statistics Online