Definition of Big Tobacco

What is the definition of the term "big tobacco"? What does the term big tobacco mean?

The term "big tobacco" is usually used in a derisive manner to describe the tobacco industry. In particular, "big tobacco" is usually used to describe the largest tobacco companies in the United States - Altria, RJR and Lorillard.

Definition and Illustration - Big Tobacco"Big tobacco" has armies of lobbyists and lawyers working on their behalf to ensure that the tobacco companies can make as much money as possible in the United States. Unfortunately for "big tobacco", sentiment has shifted in a very negative fashion towards the tobacco industry over the past 50 years or so, and "big tobacco" has often found itself on the wrong end of lawsuits and other actions.

Smoking used to be considered a classy and fashionable endeavour. Unfortunately for "big tobacco", smoking is also extremely unhealthy and has directed resulted in the deaths of millions of people over the past number of decades.

"Big tobacco" is still a very powerful entity in the United States, though not as powerful as it was 40-50 years ago.

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