Author of "Doom, Boom and Gloom" Newsletter Predicts Collapse of Capitalist System

Wars? The impending collapse of the entire US government? Massive debt defaults throughout the world? Large areas of the Western world engulfed in poverty? The end of the entire capitalist system?

This is just a sampling of what Marc Faber, the well-known publisher of the "Gloom, Boom and Doom" report, says might be on the way for the world (and especially the United States).

While optimism across the world is being buoyed by improving economic numbers, Faber isn't buying it.

He says that the United States will eventually collapse under the weight of its own debt.

He says that Bernanke is a "criminal" who is doing more harm than good.

He says that the US government will need to print unprecedented amounts of money in order to continue its deficit spending, and that this will eventually lead to runaway inflation.

Listen to what Faber has to say in a recent interview on Bloomberg below: