Credibility Is The Most Valuable Currency Online

dave says that one of the keys to online marketing success is to write credible articlesIt can be tempting sometimes.

The easiest way to get traffic to your web site is to make something ridiculous up and post it online.

Word will get out and people will flock to your site. You'll get a surge of traffic, and things will be good.

However, if your story turns out to be made up, people will get pissed off and they'll do their best to never return to your site again.

Let's say that you make up some story about Britney Spears and post it in the comments of some major blogs. Sure, you will get a lot of traffic, but it definitely won't be repeat traffic.

Credibility is your most valuable currency. It's money in the bank. With credibility comes respect. With respect comes links. With links you receive traffic. And with traffic you make money.

Do your best to ensure that every word that you write is true. Do your best to ensure that every word that you write has been checked, and re-checked. Make sure that you do your research.

If people believe what you write, then you will have absolutely no trouble attracting an audience. If they don't believe what you write, then you will never see them again.

Build your audience slowly, and do it the right way. It'll pay for itself a hundred times over in the long run.

Never, ever lie to your readers. They'll see right through it and punish you for it.

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