Clinton Family Made Over $20 Million Last Year

Bernie Sanders vs. Hillary Clinton - Photo CollageBarring some sort of unprecedented collapse, Hillary Clinton will win the Democratic nomination for President.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, however, wants to make history and wrest the nomination away from the former Secretary of State and former First Lady. Sanders is gaining momentum in New Hampshire, as a recent Suffolk University poll said that he has the support of 31% of New Hampshire's Democratic voters, compared to 41% for Hillary Clinton.

Both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have railed against the "1%". Clinton made headlines (and raised eyebrows) earlier this year when she said that the 1% should be "toppled". Sanders, on the other hand, is advocating for a "Robin Hood tax" on all stock and options sales that would fund free post-secondary education in the United States.

Here is the thing - Hillary Clinton is most certainly a member of the "1%" that she looks to topple, while Bernie Sanders has a much more meager net worth statement.

According to her recent personal financial disclosure, Hillary and Bill Clinton have a net worth that is somewhere between $11,330,008 and $52,700,000. For the 16 months that started on January 1st, 2014, their MINIMUM gross income was $30,372,511, largely thanks to the speeches that the two gave across the world. Hillary Clinton, for instance, received upwards of $300,000 for some of her speeches in 2014.

Bernie Sanders, however, is a completely different story. As a Senator, Sanders receives an annual salary of $174,000 - certainly nothing to sneeze at, but also not enough to count Sanders as one of the "1%". His net worth statement is quite restrained as well, as Sanders and his wife have a net worth that ranges from $129,026 to $711,998. The Sanders' biggest assets are valued at between $50,001 and $100,000, while the Clintons have two assets (cash in a JP Morgan account, Vanguard 500 Index fund) that are valued at between $5,000,001 and $25,000,000.


As mentioned, Hillary Clinton made upwards of $300,000 for some of the speeches that she delivered in 2014.

Bernie Sanders, on the other hand, made a total of three appearances/speeches in 2014 - here is how much he earned from them:


In addition, Sanders received two travel reimbursements for events that were privately sponsored - in both cases, Sanders flew coach.


Source: Hillary Clinton Net Worth

Source: Bernie Sanders Net Worth

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