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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Motivational Articles

"Do it the *@#$ now." Hopefully this section will help to inspire and get you started. Everyone needs a kick in the ass from time to time.

Seven Habits of Highly Successful Bloggers

The world of "blogging" has always been fascinating to me.

People tucked away in all corners of the world developing huge followings (and massive income streams) by blogging about their da...

Six Things that Most Wealthy People Understand That you Should Too

Some people think that the only way to become "wealthy" is to inherit millions of dollars from your parents or win the lottery. This is completely untrue - right now there are literally hundreds of th...

Daytrading Do's and Don'ts: Success and Failure in the Active Trading World

Do: create your own trading strategy. Keep fine-tuning. Draw from other sources but develop your own strategy.

Don't: blindly follow someone else. Subscribing to a ne...

The Top Seven Reasons Why 90% of Daytraders Fail

First off, I have no idea whether or not the "90% of daytraders don't make it" is even true or valid - however, most people that I talk to assume it to be true, so let's go with it. 90% of restaura...

How to Become a Daytrader | Becoming a Daytrader

Before I get into this article, let me dispel a couple of myths associated with daytrading. "Daytrading is easy." If you think that daytrading is going to be a piece of cake and "easy money" then p...

Becoming a Successful Stock Trader Requires An Iron Will and A Tremendous Work Ethic

If you are a stock trader or even interested in one day trading stocks full-time, then you are probably aware of the statistic that says that 90% of "day-traders" will end up failing. Now, there ar...

The Five Stages in the Life of a Successful Young Webmaster

Most people that I know who are fairly young and have had at least a moderate amount of success owning their own web sites have gone through the four stages that I am just about to talk about, myself ...

Be a Contrarian, Not a Sheep

One of the biggest tips that I could ever give to anyone that is learning how to trade and/or invest is: be a contrarian. Take action, don't just react. Analyze trends and try to get in on the bottom ...

Paid The Cost to be the Boss

Most people out there who are involved in affiliate marketing know what I am talking about. You tell someone what you do for a living and they look at you and say "Wow, you are so lucky to be doing...

Be Your Own Guru

"Gurus" are a dime a dozen when it comes to making money on the Internet. Everyone has an ebook that they want to sell you. Everyone has all of the secrets that you would ever need to make millions...

College? Who Needs College?

One of the biggest myths perpetuated on the general public is that you somehow need a degree from college to be successful in life. Obviously there are some areas that you MUST have a degree in order ...

SEO? Just Build a Site that People Like

Many people when they are starting out a blog or web site are completely frozen by the "SEO" aspects of their site. Which words should I have in the title? What kind of keyword density should I have o...

Using the Internet to Generate Passive Income

The best part about using the Internet to generate income is that once a site has some "juice" and has the ball rolling, it doesn't require all that much effort to maintain on an ongoing basis. Sure, ...

Think Outside the Box

This phrase applies completely and 100% to Internet marketing. Those that can think outside the box will be richly rewarded; those who just recycle other people's ideas and don't do any critical think...

Credibility Is The Most Valuable Currency Online

It can be tempting sometimes. The easiest way to get traffic to your web site is to make something ridiculous up and post it online. Word will get out and people will flock to your site. You'll ...

Without Traffic, There is No Money

Whenever you start up a blog or similar site, you need to ask yourself one very important question: How am I planning on driving traffic to this site? Or even more importantly, how am I planning...

Consistency is the Key - Blogging Your Way to a Small Fortune

There is no real secret to developing a large readership for your blog.

Imagine a popular television show, like Friends for example. The key to their success is that there is continuity. Yo...

Twenty Things That I Have Learned During My Time as a Stock Trader

Here is my list: 1. If you are wrong about a stock, you need to get out, no matter how strongly you feel about a position. Getting married or attached to a stock can kill you. 2. Stop losses are...

Paralysis By Analysis: Sometimes You Have to Just Do It

There are plenty of people interested in making money on the Internet. In their minds, it's an easy, low-risk way of making money. They always ask me how I got started, and how they should get started...

How to Properly Set Goals

Setting goals and accomplishing them can sometimes be best accomplished by tricking your mind into thinking that the goal will be easily to accomplish than it actually is. How do you do that? In...

Fascinating Interview with James Hong from HotorNot

I was reading an excellent article today that was posted by James Hong, one of the co-founders of

The 300 Workout Plan: Your Step by Step Guide

You want to look like the guys from 300? Well you can, but it requires a tremendous amount of dedication. Not only do you have to physically punish your body over a prolonged period of time, but you n...

Blogging as a Job? Be Prepared to Put in the Time

One of the questions that is most often asked of me is: can I make a living online? Can I make a career out of blogging? The answer is always, of course, if you are willing to put in the time.

The Intrinsic Value of a Page of Unique Content

What is the true value of a page of unique content? What value does it add to your site?

There are plenty of people out there who would rather skip the step of creating unique content. They ...

When It Comes to Business, "Do It Fucking Now"

I was scanning my favorite blogs the other day and I read an article called "Do It Fucking Now." It was a great article, and completely encompasses everything that I believe about starting a busine...

Building An Adsense Empire, Day 1 - You Gotta Start Somewhere

The first day of this Adsense experiment was a fairly underwhelming one, with my partner and I earning a grand total of $4.35. Like I said, you have to start somewhere, and we defi...

How to Quit Caffeine: My Three Basic Tips

First off, let me say that I am not someone who has never had caffeine in their lives, and is telling you what I think might work. I used to be an absolute caffeine and sugar junky...

The Adsense Experiment: Making a Hundred Dollars Per Day with Adsense

Making money with Adsense is hard work. It involves creating a great deal of unique content, like I have illustra...

My Pen is My Weapon: Content Is King

I've been making my living from the Internet for almost ten years now. First I ran a newsletter from 1998 to 2001, and then I hooked up with my partner and we have been running affiliates websites ...

Quitting Soda: How Education Will Help you Finally Quit

People used to always laugh at me when I said that I was addicted to Coke slurpees. I used to drink two, maybe three large Coke slurpees every day. It was tough to quit, but when I started researching...

The First Few Days of a Diet or Exercise Program Are Always the Hardest

I guess it's just like any other addiction. If you are overweight, you are addicted to food or being on your couch. Just like when a smoker quits, the first few days of an exercise or diet program are...

Reach for the Sky: Set Lofty Goals for Yourself

When I start running my financial newsletter, I remember thinking to myself "All you need is 50 paying subscribers at $19.95 a month and you will be able to pay your rent with the newsletter." I scrat...

Five Things that You Can Do to Get More Productive Right Now

You ever have one of those days where you seem to get so much stuff done, that you wonder where you would be if every day was like that? Taking care of business is all about momentum; getting start...


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