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Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Stock Market Education

How do stock options work? What is the Pattern Daytrader Rule? What is an ask? It's all here in this section as I try to explain some of the more complicated stock market concepts.

How Forex Trades Work

Understanding how forex trades work can be a little tricky, even for the person who has had experience trading stocks. There are pips, lots, base currencies and counter currencies. What does it al...

The "Manuel Fund Report" Launches

Every quarter, many of the top hedge funds, institutional investment firms, foundation trusts and endowments file something called a Form 13F. According to the SEC, "institutional investment manag...

Some First Trading Session of the Year Statistics For You..

2010 is off to a strong start for the three major US market indexes. The DJIA is currently up about 165 points (+1.58%), while the Nasdaq is up 37 points (+1.63%) and the S&P 500 is up 17.47 point...

Are Hedge Fund FoFs on the Way Out?

First off, a quick definition before we launch into this article. A hedge fund "fund of funds" (or FoF) is an investment fund that pools together large amounts of capital for the purpose of investi...

20 Years Later and the Nikkei 225 Still Hasn't Recovered (Or Come Even Close to Recovering)

On December 29th, 1989, the Nikkei 225 hit an all-time high of 38,957.00. The Nikkei 225 is a stock market index that contains 225 of Japan's largest publicly traded companies, including the likes ...

How is the United States Able to Borrow All of This Money?

How is the United States able to borrow trillions upon trillions of dollars? Who is lending them all of this money? These are some of the most common questions that I receive by email on this si...

What Are V-Shaped, U-Shaped and L-Shaped Recessions?

There are a number of different "types" of recessions. You can have a V-shaped recession. You can have a U-shaped recession. You can have an L-shaped recession, and you can have a W-shaped recessio...

Online Broker Reviews

There are literally dozens upon dozens of different online brokers in the world, all eagerly awaiting your business. How do you determine who the best broker in the world is? How do you properly de...

Jim Cramer Action Alerts Plus Review

Click Here For a FREE Trial of Action Alerts Plus Jim Cramer really needs no introduction. He was an ultra-success...

What Is A Depression?

Q: What exactly is a "depression"? A: Depends on who you ask. According to Wikipedia, an economic depression is described as "a sustained, long downturn in one or more economie...

Free Real-Time Stock Quotes: Some Of The Best Resources

Note: Have you tried the Davemanuel.com Quote pages yet? Not only can you view the latest quotes and charts for your favorite US equit...

Interactive Brokers Review

Interactive Brokers is one of the most well-reviewed online brokers on the market. Don't just take my word for it - on EliteTrader.com, Interactive Brokers has a 77% rating out of 348 votes. That is o...

What Is A "Bad Bank"?

Over the past few days you've likely heard the term "bad bank" being spoken on TV or in the newspapers. Reports have indicated that the Obama administration might set up a "bad bank" in order to ge...

There Is No Reason Why You Can't Manage Your Own Money

I hope that no one takes offense to this, but I sometimes can't believe how flippant people are with their life savings. When most people buy a new car, they do hours upon hours of research and dri...

The Two Best Online Stock Brokers In the United States

First off, let me just say that no one is paying me for these recommendations. These are simply two companies that I believe deserve your business, for a variety of different reasons. You aren't st...

The Top Three Online Stock Brokers In Canada

Canadians, Click Here to Open an Account at Canada's Largest Independent Online Broker Three Stocks That I'll Be Buying in 2009

It's no secret - 2008 was a pretty disgusting year for the markets. In fact, 2008 will go down as one of the worst years ever. That's the bad news. The good news is that there are some great com...

What Is A Fund of Hedge Funds?

The term "fund of hedge funds" has been used quite often in the media as of late. First off, a number of successful hedge funds (meaning, funds that have actually posted a positive return in 2008) ...

The Recession Explained: What Is a Recession?

Over the past few months, you have undoubtedly (unless you've been living under a rock or out in the wilderness somewhere) heard the term "recession" mentioned on television. You've probably heard tha...

What is Dollar Cost Averaging?

In these turbulent times, many people are looking to avoid the high-variance swings of the stock market. Some people are currently sitting on cash and are slowly looking to ease their way back into...

Where Is the Stock Market Headed in November?

One of the most volatile months in the history of the stock market is now over. October of 2008 will go down in history as one of the worst months ever for not only the US stock market, but the global...

What Is the Definition of a Short Squeeze?

The term "short squeeze" has been bandied about quite a bit in the media as of late, especially when referring to the current situation involving Porsche and Volkswagen. Volkswagen's shares explode...

How Have The Major North American Stock Market Indexes Performed Short-Term After Very Bad Years?

The Dow Jones Industrial Average, Nasdaq Composite and S+P 500 have all performed very well since their inceptions. Of the three indexes, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was the only one that existed...

When Will the Stock Market Hit Bottom?

I hear this question multiple times per day, especially on TV. Will the market plummeting on an almost daily basis, this question is on the forefront of many people's minds. You have to remember that ...

The Worst Years in the History of the Dow Jones Industrial Average

2008 is certainly shaping up to be a horrendous year for the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA). The credit markets have seized up, banks aren't lending to each other and consumers are starting to dr...

Does the PPT (Plunge Protection Team) Actually Exist?

After trading down as much as 800 points earlier today, the Dow Jones Industrial Average made a dramatic turnaround late in the day, and "only" ended up closing down 350 points. Whenever the mar...

Five of the Biggest One-Day Drops in the History of the Nasdaq

Like any other exchange in the world, the Nasdaq has seen its share of incredible highs and depressing lows. At this moment in time, investor confidence may be the lowest it has ever been for a very l...

The Biggest One Day Gains (and Losses) For the Dow Jones Industrial Average

The Dow Jones Industrial Average was a rollercoaster this past week as the world dealt with a quickly escalating financial crisis. The daily swings seemed massive. However, on a historical scale, t...

Entreprise Value - What is It?

A number that you may have come across during your investment research is "Enterprise Value". "Enterprise Value" is usually on the line below "Market Cap" on most online financial information sites. <...

What is the High Water Mark as It Applies to Hedge Funds?

This is a term that you have probably heard mentioned (if you follow the world of hedge funds), but might not be entirely sure of what it means.

The "high water mark...

Hedge Fund Fees: A Primer

Most hedge funds usually have the same type of fee structure. First you have the "management fee", and then you have the "performance fee."

The management fee is taken regardless of the per...

Knowing the Difference Between a 10-K, 10-Q and an 8-K

If you want to become a serious investor, then you need to start reading SEC filings religiously. You should have a pile of 10-K's, 10-Q's and 8-K's sitting on your bedside table. Y...

Don't Get Married to a Stock

The most valuable piece of advice that I ever received when it came to trading was this: "Don't get married to a stock".

This advice doesn't just apply to trading - it a...

Short-Selling is Not the Problem

Short-selling has been in the news quite a bit over the past week. Just now, as I am viewing my Google News page, a story on short-selling is the main story at the top of the page.

Just re...

What Exactly is a "Bear Market"?

If you have been watching the news over the past few weeks, then you have likely heard that the stock market is currently in a "bear market". What does this mean exactly?

Many people have m...

What is a "PEG Ratio"?

If you have been using a site such as Yahoo! Finance or Google Finance to check up on your favorite stock, then you may have run across something called the "PEG Ratio".

If you are involved in the stock market (and most importantly, initial public offerings), then you may have come across the term "Dutch Auction".

The "Dutch Auction" m...

Did A Stock That You Own Get Halted? What Happens Now?

There is nothing scarier than waking up in the morning and hearing that a major stock in your portfolio has been halted. You scour different websites for possible news but can't find anything. You soo...

So You Want to be a Contrarian Investor?

You've probably heard it many times before.

"The real money is made by contrarian investors".

The real money was made by people who bo...

Be Wary Of Companies Who Launch Anti Short-Selling Campaigns

From time to time you will find companies who will issue press releases, imploring their shareholders to "take a stand" against unsavory short-sellers. They will threaten lawsuits against these un-nam...

Daytrading Do's and Don'ts: Success and Failure in the Active Trading World

Do: create your own trading strategy. Keep fine-tuning. Draw from other sources but develop your own strategy.

Don't: blindly follow someone else. Subscribing to a ne...

What is a "Margin Call"?

First off to receive a margin call, you must have a margin account. A margin account, as compared to a cash account, is an account in which you are able to buy stocks on "margin". This means that y...

What is a "Bear Raid"?

If you have been watching the financial news as of late (which is likely considering the recent fall in Bear Stearns and the ensuing panic that followed) then you have probably heard the term "bear ra...

The Greater Fool Theory

The "Greater Fool Theory" can be applied to any form of investing, whether it be investing in the real estate market, stock market or otherwise. The "Greater Fool Theory" is when a person buys an a...

Why Doesn't Berkshire Hathaway Split Its Stock?

This is quite a common question. With Berkshire Hathaway's "A" stock currently trading at $129,360 (that's right - one hundred and twenty-nine thousand, three hundred and sixty dollars), why don't the...

What is a Reverse Stock Split? And Why Is It Usually a Bad Thing For the Stock?

If you are currently holding shares of a company and they have just recently announced plans to institute a reverse split of their stock, then you probably want to seriously evaluate whether or not yo...

The Top Seven Reasons Why 90% of Daytraders Fail

First off, I have no idea whether or not the "90% of daytraders don't make it" is even true or valid - however, most people that I talk to assume it to be true, so let's go with it. 90% of restaura...

Can I Make a Living Through Online Trading?

This is an often-asked question of me. It's really an impossible to answer question. When people ask me that question, I will always respond with "Sure it is, but how badly do you want it?" There s...

Why is it So Hard for Me to Get Shares of an IPO?

Let's say that there is a hot Initial Public Offering hitting the market soon. You know that the offering is going to be a strong one, and you know that the stock is going to trade much higher from it...

Calculating EPS (Earnings Per Share) and P/E Ratios (Price to Earnings) and Why They are Important

If you are new to the stock market, you may have come across a couple of unfamiliar terms when you were trolling through Yahoo Finance or Google Finance. EPS (Earnings Per Share) and P/E or P/E ratio ...

What Exactly is a "Poison Pill" and How Does it Apply to the Stock Market?

You may have been watching CNBC one day and heard the term "poison pill" being discussed. You have probably figured out that it somehow involves one company taking over another, but you aren't sure as...

Why Do Companies Announce Stock Splits or Reverse Stock Splits?

Let's cover the topic of regular "stock splits" first. Why would a company want to split their stock? Let's look at a fictional example. Let's take a company that is called XYZ. XYZ has had a gr...

Insider Buying Signaling a Major Bottom in the Market?

According to Bloomberg, CEO's, directors and other senior officials are buying more shares in their companies than they are selling for the first time since 1995. The importance of this fact is that t...

What is a Stock's "Float" And Why is it Important?

What exactly does it mean when people refer to a company's "float", and why might the size of a company's float have a direct impact on how the stock trades? First off, what exactly is a "float"? ...

What is an IPO (Initial Public Offering) and How Do I Buy Into One?

First off, what exactly is an IPO? An IPO is an "Initial Public Offering" in which a company will sell shares to the public in order to raise capital. Let's say that you have a private company, XYZ...

Stock Dividends - How Exactly Do They Work? Ex-Dividend Dates, Dividend Yields and More Explained

Before we get into the explanation of how dividends work, we need to understand exactly what they are. A dividend is a payment that is made to a shareholder by a company. Dividends are usually made...

What is a "Whisper Number" And Why is it Important?

You may have heard this term being used on television or on an online financial news site and wondered what exactly it meant. Well, let's take a company that will soon be reporting earnings. This c...

Buying Small-Cap Growth Stocks: Your Six Point Checklist

Including some small capitalization, more speculative growth stocks in your portfolio should always be part of your long-term investment plan. Small-cap companies require a little more research in ord...

More Stock Market Terms Explained: Limit Orders, Market Orders and Stop Losses

If you are fairly new to trading, then you may be a little uncertain as to what these three terms mean. Here's a quick explanation for each term: 1. Limit Order - Let's say that yo...

Buying Penny Stocks: The "Dos" and "Don'ts" of Penny Stock Speculation

So you are interested in speculating in the world of penny stocks? It's dangerous territory out there, however here are some tips that I have come up with to ensure that you give yourself at least a f...

Panicking During A Market Meltdown Probably Means That Your Portfolio Diversification Strategy is Out of Whack

I don't care how old you are. I don't care if you are 20 years old or 55 years old. If word of a market meltdown has you sitting up at night, sweating profusely and worrying about your portfolio, t...

Options Beginners Lesson: Strike Prices, Time Decay and Premiums

If you are new to the world of trading options, then you are likely somewhat confused by some of the new terms that you are hearing about. Options volatility? Time decay? Premiums? What does it all me...

Front-End Load, Back-End Load, "Level Load" And No-Load - Breaking Down Mutual Fund Fees

If you are planning on buying a mutual fund, your head may be spinning after reading the fund's prospectus. You thought that it would be as easy as simply buying a fund and paying a small commissio...

Averaging Down or "Doubling Down" Can Be Financial Suicide If You Don't Have a Plan in Place

If you invest in the stock market, then I am sure that you have faced this situation: You love a company. LOVE it. You've done all of your research and read all of the company's financial reports. ...

How to Become a Daytrader | Becoming a Daytrader

Before I get into this article, let me dispel a couple of myths associated with daytrading. "Daytrading is easy." If you think that daytrading is going to be a piece of cake and "easy money" then p...

What Is a "Recession"?

A "recession" is quite a misunderstood event. If you watch the news at all, then I am sure that you have heard this word quite often over the past few months. Many economists and "talking heads" on TV...

Becoming a Successful Stock Trader Requires An Iron Will and A Tremendous Work Ethic

If you are a stock trader or even interested in one day trading stocks full-time, then you are probably aware of the statistic that says that 90% of "day-traders" will end up failing. Now, there ar...

High Negative Investor Sentiment Usually Signals That the Time to Buy Stocks Is Near

This is one of the ideas that many investors can simply not wrap their heads around, but is a very important principle to understand if you plan on making some above-average gains in the stock market....

Using Arbitrage To Make Money in the Stock Market is Not As Easy as It Sounds

On the surface, "merger arbitrage" or "risk arbitrage" would seem like easy money. One company has announced that it will be buying another company for $11 per share, and the company that is being acq...

Daytrading (Daytrader) Stock Chatrooms - How To Find the Best Rooms and Avoid the Worst

Daytrading chat rooms run the full spectrum from either really, really bad to really insightful and helpful (and profitable). There are chat rooms out there that are nothing but rip-offs, specifically...

The Effects of a Falling US Dollar on the Economy of the United States

Many people tend to shrug off news reports that talk about the plunging US dollar. "A rising or falling dollar doesn't really effect me, so why should I care?" The fact of the matter is that a droppin...

What Is a "Dead Cat Bounce?"

If you follow the stock market, then you have probably heard the term "Dead Cat Bounce" at one time or another. If you hear this time and wonder what exactly it means, then this article is for you. ...

Naked Short Selling: What Is It Exactly?

Naked short selling is probably one of the most misunderstood concepts in the stock market. You ask some people and they will tell you that naked short selling is everything that is wrong with the sto...

Why Short-Selling Is Necessary in the Stock Market

Many people slam short-sellers. "They are wrongly profiting at the expense of hard-working investors all over the world." "They engage in deception and the spreading of false rumors to make thei...

What is Meant by "Short Interest" and "Short Ratio"?

In the last article we touched a bit on short-selling. Basically, short-selling is when you bet that the price of a share will fall. So instead of buying a stock, you sell it without owning it. So let...

Bids, Asks and Spreads - A Primer on Stock Trading

I get asked the same questions all the time. What is a bid? What is an ask? Why are there two different stock prices when I log in and check the current quote on my favorite stocks? For those peopl...

The Top Ten Fastest Ways to Lose Money in the Stock Market

10. Trading options or forex if you don't know what you are doing. Forget the get-rich books that claim you can easily make millions trading options or forex. This is simply not true,...

The Top Ten Most Outrageous Stock Market Scams of all Time

Scams occur in the stock market every day. Stock market scandals are woven into the fabric of our culture. However, these are the TRULY outrageous stock market scams. The scams that when you hear a...

The Top Twelve Stock Market Scams of the Last Twelve Years

The title is self-explanatory. Here are the top 12 scams since 1995: 12. The Emulex Press Release Hoax. In the summer of 2000, Mark Jakob, a former employee of Internet Wire, sent ...

A Low Share Price Doesn't Necessarily Make a Stock "Cheap"

Here is one of the biggest problems that novice (and even some advanced) investors in the stock market will encounter during their investing career. They will mistakenly assess a stock as being "cheap...

How the Market Tends to Perform After Interest Rate Cuts

Everyone is always curious as to how the stock market tends to perform after there have been sizable cuts to interest rates. Interest rate increases are done to slow down an economy and prevent inflat...

Be Your Own Guru

"Gurus" are a dime a dozen when it comes to making money on the Internet. Everyone has an ebook that they want to sell you. Everyone has all of the secrets that you would ever need to make millions...

Why Is it That Stocks Sometimes Go Up on Bad News?

It's an interesting phenomenon. A stock will come out with worse than expected earnings and actually end up going higher on the news. What gives? Why would a stock do that? The answer is that us...

The Current Global Economic Situation is Extra Scary

I've been pretty heavily involved in studying economics and the capital markets for nearly a decade now. This is by FAR the worst economic situation that we've found ourselves in over the past few dec...

Breaking Down the Payout Structures of Most Hedge Funds

If you were ever wondering how hedge funds make money, then this article is for you. If you were ever wondering what "2 and 20" or "3 and 50" meant when it came to hedge fund compensation, then you...

Why Can't I Invest in Hedge Funds?

For years, the SEC has had a rule in place blocking the "Average Joe" from investing in a hedge fund.

In order to invest in a hedge fund, the SEC says, you must have at least $1 million dol...

What To Look For When Selecting a Stock Market Newsletter to Subscribe To

Who better to write this article than someone who operated a stock market newsletter for almost four years? The stock market can be a lot to digest. There are many reasons for signing up to a stock...

Stock Options Lesson: The Straddle

About a month ago, we detailed an options strategy called the "strangle." Today, we are going to explain what is meant by an "options straddle", and when you would utilize such a strategy. A "stran...

Twenty Things That I Have Learned During My Time as a Stock Trader

Here is my list: 1. If you are wrong about a stock, you need to get out, no matter how strongly you feel about a position. Getting married or attached to a stock can kill you. 2. Stop losses are...

Hitting a Brick Wall: What to Do When Your Trades Stop Working

Everyone has gone through it before. No matter how good of a trader you are, you have without a doubt had a rough stretch where none of your trades have worked, and you start doubting whether or not y...

Window Dressing: What Exactly Does It Mean?

You have probably heard the term at one time or another when you have been watching CNBC or reading your favorite financial magazine. "XYZ was up in late day trading, and traders are speculating that ...

What Happens If a Stock That I am Short Goes Bankrupt?

This is a common question that I often here from people that short-sell. What happens if a stock that I am short gets halted and announces their bankruptcy? First off, as a short-seller, this is yo...

What is the Pattern Daytrader Rule?

When the Internet bubble popped in mid 2000, the NYSE and NASD moved quickly to introduce something called the "Pattern Daytrader Rule" to the SEC. On February 27th, 2001, the SEC approved this rule c...

Is the Repeal of the Short Sale Tick Test Rule Behind This Market Volatility?

I was reading through the Wall Street Journal this morning, and an article caught my eye that made me laugh. I just knew that this was coming, but I didn't expect some traders to grumble about it so q...

Quant Hedge Funds: How Did They Lose So Much Money?

Many people out there are probably confused when they hear about quant hedge funds taking huge losses over just a couple of days at the beginning of August. How does a "market neutral" fund suddenly t...

Real-Time News Services: Do They Matter to a Serious Trader?

There are two sets of traders out there it seems. The first set of traders don't worry at all about the news of the day. They are interested only in graphs and charts and technical analysis, and if...

Another Stock Market Trading Tactic for You All To Know About

About a month ago, I outlined one of the strategies that I use to trade on the stock market; trading secondary offerings for major profit. I have received a few emails in the last little while, asking...

Bloggers Need to Understand SEC Disclosure Rules

Blogs are an amazing tool for amassing personal wealth if you have a substantial amount of traffic. You can make money from Adsense, Chitika, Text Link Ads and literally hundreds of other affiliate / ...

Stop Losses and Profit Stops - Two Extremely Powerful Weapons in Any Traders Arsenal

What is a stop loss? What is a profit stop? Let's say that you buy 1000 shares of MSFT at $50 even. Well when you buy the stock, you can enter in a "stop loss" into your trading software. You can e...

Why Do Stocks Get Halted?

It is probably one of the worst feelings in the world. You own 1000 shares of a stock, and you hear that the stock has been halted. The absolute worst case scenarios race through your mind; you are ce...

Starting up a Hedge Fund: What are the Costs Involved?

To be sure, running a hedge fund sure sounds like an appealing job. The money, the power, the prestige; there is a reason why many highly educated people choose to work at a hedge fund. Sure the stres...

Ten Things That You Need to Know About the Stock Market

You thinking of investing some of your hard earned money into the stock market? There are some things that you need to know, universal truths that I have come to realize after nearly ten years of inve...

Direct Access Trading: What You Need in a Broker

Click Here To Open An Account at Tradestation (Leading Direct Access Broker) *Receive Up to $600 in Co...

Trading Forex: It Can Be Lucrative, But Understand The Risks

Forex trading can be a pretty lucrative business. You have probably heard about some people making millions from trading forex. Because there is such high leverage involved, if a trade goes right, ...

Stock Market Gurus: Are They Necessary For You to Become a Better Trader?

Here's a little secret. I used to be a "stock market guru." From the end of 1998 until the end of 2001, I ran a stock market newsletter that was pretty successful. I had hundreds upon hundreds of peop...

Level II (2) Quotes: Are they Necessary for You?

Level II quotes are a big selling point for most online stock brokerages out there. You will find that cut-rate costs for Level II quotes are a big selling feature for many online. But before you make...

Stock Options Lesson: The Strangle

The strangle is probably one of my favorite options plays. I enjoy this play because if I am unsure as to whether or not a stock will go up or down, but I am sure that it will make a big move one way ...

How to Choose the Right Online Stock Trading Broker for You

I've been trading stocks online since 1998. I've been through a bunch of online stock brokers. I started with TD Canada Trust, which treated me to "bargain-basement" commissions of $39.95 per trade...

Trading Secondary Stock Offerings for Profit

Becoming a successful trader is all about finding edges. Once you find an edge, you need to exploit it over and over and over until it doesn't work anymore. You don't need to re-invent the wheel every...

Short-Selling Should be a Major Part of Your Market Strategy

Alright, since this site is all about making money online, I'd be remiss if I didn't talk about online trading, and how you can extract large sums from the stock market. Trading is how I got my sta...


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