Definition of Off-Budget

What does the term "off-budget" mean as it applies to the US federal budget? What is meant by "off-budget"?

According to the US Government Accountability Office, "off-budget" includes "those budgetary accounts (either federal or trust funds) designated by law as excluded from budget totals".

Definition of Off-Budget - Financial Dictionary - Politics - Federal BudgetThe revenues and outlays of three different entities are currently listed as being "off-budget". They are:

-the two Social Security trust funds
a) Old-Age and Survivors Insurance Trust Fund
b) Disability Insurance Trust Fund

-Postal Service

Technically speaking, the revenues and outlays of the Social Security trust funds and the Postal Service should not be included in any budget totals. However, one of the most cited budget numbers is the unified budget total, which includes the sum of on-budget and off-budget totals.

The Social Security trust funds currently have a multi-trillion dollar surplus. However, any excess money is automatically invested in US government debt, which is why there is always a fear of Social Security checks not being sent out whenever there is a budget crisis.

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