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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Internet Companies

We are deeply involved with many different internet companies. Whether it be companies that we do business with or companies whose products we use on a daily basis, these are some of the most crucial and important Internet companies in our life.

Facebook Turns 10

On February 4th, 2004, Facebook was founded in a Harvard dorm room by Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes. The beginnings of Facebook was immortali...

Google Goes Down, Global Internet Traffic Drops By 40%

At 7:52 pm EST on Friday evening, Google went down. It wasn't just Google that went down, but all of its other sites as well. Youtube.com, the most popular online video site in the world, went dow...

Google Reveals The Top Searches of 2012

Earlier this week, Google released their "year-end Zeitgeist" for 2012. According to Google, the year-end Zeitgeist is a view into "what searches revealed about the interests, passions and issues ...

The Incredible Disappearing Facebook

After a hotly anticipated initial public offering back in May, shares of Facebook have dropped. And dropped. And dropped. As of this second, Facebook is trading at $21/share, which gives t...

Facebook Hits All-Time Low After Releasing First Earnings Report As Publicly Traded Company

Many, many people bought shares of Facebook when the company first went public back in May. On May 18th, after months and even years of hype, Facebook shares started trading at $42.05. There was a ...

Google's Big Bet on YouTube Is Paying Off

In October of 2006, Google announced that they would be purchasing YouTube in an all-stock deal. The price? $1.65 billion. At the time of the transaction, YouTube was Google's largest acquisit...

Marissa Mayer In As Yahoo! CEO; Fifth Time's The Charm For Company?

Yahoo! surprised many when they announced after the bell that they had hired Marissa Mayer to be their new CEO. Mayer is going to be the fifth CEO of the past five years for the embattled Yahoo! C...

Groupon Now Worth Less Than $6 Billion

Groupon continued to drop on Monday, shedding another 7.64% in value to close at $8.95. Groupon is now valued at $5.78 billion. Shortly after going public in November, the company was worth well o...

Facebook Continues to Crater

Things went from bad to worse for Facebook's shareholders earlier today after the stock closed down an additional 10%. FB (Facebook, Inc.) closed at $28.84 earlier today, down nearly 10% from Frid...

Dud: Facebook Closes Just Above IPO Price

Massive hype. Massive volume. A disappointing close. After YEARS of anticipation, shares of Facebook finally started trading on the NASDAQ earlier today. Facebook ended up pricing their in...

"Weaker Than Expected" Demand For Facebook IPO?

According to Bloomberg News (via Businessweek.com), Facebook's upcoming initial public offering is generating "lower-than-expected" demand from institutional investors. According to the report, in...

Amazon Turns Up the Heat on Brick and Mortar Stores

Smart or underhanded? Amazon.com, the world's largest online retailer, has an application called "Price Check". Here is how it works - you download the free "Price Check" app to your iPhone or ...

Would You Buy Facebook At a Valuation of $100 Billion?

According to multiple sources, Facebook is planning on launching their much anticipated initial public offering in early 2012 (probably February or March). Facebook is reportedly going to be looki...

Groupon Goes Public; Now Worth Over $17 Billion

In late 2010, people looked on with amazement as Groupon turned down a $6 billion offer from Google. $6 billion - enough to make the founders of the company fabulously rich, and enough to give all...

The $6 Billion Mistake?

Did Groupon make a colossal error when they turned down Google's $6 billion offer late last year? Earlier this year, the answer to that question appeared to be a resounding "no". In June, Groupon f...

Carol Bartz Out at Yahoo!

After a tumultuous 2 1/2 years, Carol Bartz is officially out as President and CEO of Yahoo! Actually, tumultuous might be the wrong word. Bartz, who was charged with turning around the formerly hi...

Report: Myspace To Be Sold for $30-$35 Million

At one time, MySpace was one of the hottest web properties in the world. News Corp., the international media empire that is run by Rupert Murdoch, purchased Intermix Media (owner of Myspace.com) b...

The Big One: Facebook Prepping for Massive IPO Next Year

According to published reports, Facebook Inc. is planning on staging their hotly anticipated IPO (Initial Public Offering) during the first quarter of 2012. The IPO will very likely leave the soci...

Groupon - A $25 Billion Company?

Back in late 2010, media outlets were reporting that Google was on the verge of acquiring social shopping site Groupon. It seemed like a match made in heaven - Google was actively looking to make ...

Is Facebook Worth $10 Billion Dollars?

There is no question that Facebook is an incredibly useful tool that millions upon millions of people use everyday. However - is the company really worth $10 billion dollars? Facebook announced ...

Online Broker Reviews

There are literally dozens upon dozens of different online brokers in the world, all eagerly awaiting your business. How do you determine who the best broker in the world is? How do you properly de...

Interactive Brokers Review

Interactive Brokers is one of the most well-reviewed online brokers on the market. Don't just take my word for it - on EliteTrader.com, Interactive Brokers has a 77% rating out of 348 votes. That is o...

eBay, Apple, Shopzilla and CyberMonday.com Big Winners on "Cyber Monday"

First off - what is "Cyber Monday"? "Cyber Monday" is a relatively new term that was coined by Shop.org, which is part of the National Retail Association. "Cyber Monday" is the Monday following "Bl...

Carl Icahn Boosts Stake in Yahoo! to 5.5%

I'm not afraid to admit that I am fascinated by the Yahoo! story right now. Here is a company that spurned the aggressive advances of Yahoo! only a few months ago, only to watch their business (and...

Convert2Media Review

Click Here To Apply at Convert2Media Convert2Media is an affiliate marketing network that connects qualified publishers w...

Marketleverage Review

Marketleverage.com Review If you follow any of the "big" blogs in the Make Money Online space (John Chow, Shoemoney, Problogger.net), then you've undoubtedly heard of Marketleverag...

Ragingbull.com Relaunches In Midst of Crippling Market Meltdown

Ragingbull.com, an online stock market community that was launched during the dot com boom of the late 1990s, announced today that they had relaunched. The site set out a mass email today, extolling t...

How Pissed Off Are Yahoo Shareholders Right Now?

Yahoo shareholders are surely looking on in disbelief as their investment plummets on an almost-daily basis. Thursday was more of the same, as Yahoo traded down another 5.38% to close the session at $...

Some Older Google Penalties Expiring?

I've noticed this weekend that a number of our LONG penalized sites have suddenly re-appeared in Google's search index.

We're not talking about penalties of a month or t...

Adsense Arbitrage - What is It, and Why Doesn't Google Like It?

First off, what is "arbitrage"?

According to Wikipedia, arbitrage is "the practice of taking advantage of a price differential between two or more markets". It's the act of buying something...

Google Cracking Down on Non-Compliant Adsense Sites?

Jennifer Slegg at Jensense.com commented in a June 24th post that it seems as though Google is starting to aggressively target sites which utilize Adsense that a...

Wallstreet.com Up For Sale - Final Sale Price May Shatter Records

Are you in the market for an ultra-premium domain name? Do you have $5 - $10 million dollars burning a hole in your pocket, which is estimated to be the range in which the final sale price of the doma...

Pressure Building on Yahoo and Jerry Yang

If you thought that you had seen the end of the Yahoo / Microsoft saga, think again.

The two sides couldn't come to a deal last week, as Microsoft was prepared to o...

Google Having Trouble Monetizing Bigger Internet Properties

When Google bought Youtube for a staggering $1.65 billion dollars, most people just figured that Google would embed some Adsense ads on the site and start printing money. I mean, Youtube had an unbeli...

Where To Now for Yahoo?

Unless you have been living under a rock somewhere, you have probably heard that Microsoft pulled out of the negotiations to acquire Yahoo! this past weekend.

All a...

Google Rises to the Heavens After Posting Strong Q1 2008 Earnings

There was a great deal of hand-wringing before Google announced its Q1 2008 earnings on Thursday afternoon. Would the sagging world economy have a significantly negative impact on the search engine be...

My Prediction on the Microsoft / Yahoo Deal

This weekend, Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, fired off a missive to the members of the board of Yahoo! Accept the deal that we proposed a few months ago, or else the original proposed deal will be p...

New Version of Yahoo Buzz to Compete with Digg?

According to Techcrunch, Yahoo will be launching their Yahoo Buzz service sometime on Monday. Techcrunch have said that they will be making an announcement at 9 pm on Monday, which leads me to believe...

HotorNot.com Sells for $20 Million to Avid Life Media

The recent sale of Hotornot.com to a Canadian investor group called "Avid Life Media" recently just goes to show you a couple of things: 1. Sometimes the best web sites are the simplest ones. 2....

A Microsoft / Yahoo Merger Would Only Mean Good Things for the Search Engine Industry Over Time

Google, which normally plays it fairly close to the vest, went absolutely wild this past weekend, striking out at the proposed Microsoft / Yahoo merger. Google pointed out that the deal would be an...

Will There Be a Bidding War For Yahoo Now?

Microsoft fired a shot heard around the world late last week when they announced that they had plans to acquire Yahoo via hostile takeover for around $31 per share. Microsoft had reportedly finally...

The Impact of Microsoft's Bid for Yahoo

What a double whammy of news for the search engine world. First, Google announced after the bell on Thursday that its Q4 2007 earnings missed analyst expectations. Google missed analyst earnings ex...

Can Google Possibly Maintain Its Earnings Growth And Continue To Post Better Than Expected Earnings Reports Every Quarter?

With Google reporting their Q4 2007 earnings tonight, you have to start to wonder when the Google rocketship will start to slow up. Remember the days when people were openly wondering if anyone wou...

There is Only One Way to Stop Google: A Government Mandated Break-Up

There is only one way to stop Google in the future. Microsoft won't stop them. Yahoo won't stop them. The US Government is the only organization that will ever be able to stop Google. Google is an ...

The Benefits of Getting Into Google News

Getting into Google News is a big deal. If you get one of your sites into Google News, it probably means that you run a very high-quality and informative web property. Google is very particular about ...

Google, Microsoft and Yahoo Settle with Department of Justice for "Promoting Online Gambling"

The Department of Justice yesterday announced that Google, Microsoft and Yahoo had all agreed to settle and pay $31.5 million dollars in fines to resolve claims that they had been promoting "illegal g...

Digg.com On the Block for $300 Million?

Techcrunch and Venturebeat are both reporting that Digg.com is cu...

Google Releases 2007 Year-End Zeitgeist

Google have released their 2007 Year-End Zeitgeist, which is basically a summary of their quickest rising and fastest falling...

Search Engine Market Share Data for November - Google Continues to Rise

Hitwise just released their search engine market share data for November, and to nobody's surprise, Google continue to grow its market share in the US market at the expense of their main competitors, ...

Does Privacy Matter to You When You Are Using a Search Engine?

Ask.com is announcing the release of a new product on Tuesday that will be called "AskEraser." This product, if you have it enabled while you are searching on Ask.com, will scrub all of your search...

Almost 64% of Facebook is Female

I came across some Facebook users stats today on Techcrunch that quite surprised me to be honest. As the title of this article states, almost 64% (63.88% to be exact) of all Facebook users are female....

Payperpost Gets Pissed at Google

Payperpost has been on the attack the last few days, and their target has been Google and Google's "Page Rank" system. Payperpost has said that Google has st...

October Search Engine Market Share: Google Continues to Dominate

It's Google's world, and we are all just living in it. Google continues to dominate the search engine market, increasing their market share by 3% from over a year ago. As an RBC analyst remarked, "...

Google to Make Adsense Ads Less Clickable

Google is apparently going ahead with plans to make their Adsense ads less "clickable." Right now, if you click on any area of the Adsense ad, including all of the empty space, you will be counted ...

Google Introduces Two Updates to Site Targeting

Google has added a couple of changes to their "site targeting" feature that will make "site targeting" a much more viable option for many advertisers. First off, Google has introduced CPC bidding f...

Google Is Worth Every Cent of its $741.79 Share Price

$231.54 Billion dollars? $741.79 per share? Most people look at those numbers and their gut reaction is to pan Google and call the stock overpriced, with absolutely no basis for their valuation. "I...

A Little More on the Pagerank Situation

I have seen some people posting in the blog world about how unfair this situation with the page rank is, and how some of their innocent sites with absolutely no text link ads are being affected. How c...

The Way That Some People Are Spinning This Google Pagerank Situation is Ridiculous

It's pretty funny to me how people in the blogosphere are spinning their Pagerank situation with Google. In case you didn't know, Google recently punished a large number of blogs for a variety of d...

Kudos to Google For Bringing the Hammer Down on Some Sites and Networks

For those of you who don't know, Google brought their virtual hammer down on a number of sites and networks over the past week or so in the form of a PR update. Many well-known sites and networks t...

Microsoft Finally Wins a Battle with Google

There is no secret to the fact that Google has been putting the boots to Microsoft over the past 3-4 years. Everything that Microsoft has tried to do, Google has done better. Every major deal that the...

The Digg Effect

Well after being in this Internet game for years, my partner and I had our first full-fledged Digg.com explosion of traffic. I thought it would be interesting to look at how this took place, and what ...

Yahoo Search Marketing Finally Announces Site Exclusions

I never thought that there would be a day when I actually thought that I would use Yahoo Search Marketing again. My biggest gripe with them was always that they didn't allow the advertiser to exclu...

How to Effectively Use Google's Content Network to Your Advantage

When we first started out doing PPC, everyone that I talked to said: don't use the content network when using Google Adwords, just use the search network. You will have a much higher ROI on investment...

Google Needs to Stop Displaying Pagerank Data

In my opinion, way too much emphasis is put on the page rank of a site. We own low page rank sites, such as Poker King Blog, that absolute dominate search engine rankings, and high P...

How Much Money Does Google Make from Its Adsense Partners?

If you are involved in the Google Adsense program, you probably know by now that Google doesn't disclose the percentage that it pays its publishers. Other programs will declare up front that they take...

Business.com Is Sold for $345 Million Dollars

I guess people can finally lay off of Jake Winebaum and Sky Dayton. They were the two people that dished out $7.5 million in cash and company equity for Business.com back in 1999. Everyone made fun of...

Google's Stock Is Getting Close to Its Tipping Point

There is a pretty common phenomenon that takes place with ultra-hot, ultra fast growing tech stocks. Earnings keep growing exponentially quarter after quarter. With each quarter of growth comes mor...

Pownce Launches, Creates Negative Buzz

The blogosphere was buzzing yesterday after Pownce.com launched. The founding team consists of Leah Culver, Daniel Burka, Shawn Allen and most not...

Fascinating Interview with James Hong from HotorNot

I was reading an excellent article today that was posted by James Hong, one of the co-founders of

Is Business.com Worth 400 Million Dollars?

I remember, back in the first web boom, when Business.com was on the market for $7.5 million dollars, I couldn't believe at how overvalued the domain name seemed to be. "Sure it's a ...

My Experiences with Adbrite

Adbrite. According to their website, they serve over 614 million impressions per day across almost 30k sites. They boost a pretty impressive list of clients that they work with: Alexa, Break.com and E...

Succeeding In Google Adwords: Keeping it Small

If you do affiliate marketing in conjunction with PPC advertising, it can be tempting when you first start out just to ram hundreds or even thousands of keywords into each group. The problem is that w...

Terry Semel Out; What Now for Yahoo?

A few weeks ago, I was speaking with a friend about Yahoo! This is a company with so much potential, but they just seem like a rudderless ship, floating nowhere as Google continues to increase thei...

Sorry Overture, We Can't Do Business with You Anymore

Overture's steadfast refusal to do ANYTHING about the bunk "partner site" clicks that they serve has resulted in us finally pulling the plug on our ad campaign there (or at least until they make some ...

Increasing Your ROI At Overture

Overture is a funny beast. I have found that the traffic that actually comes from the Yahoo! search engine converts really, really well. However, Overture doesn't let you opt out of their "partner ...

The Day That Google Started the Web Boom 2.0

When the first web boom came around, there was just so much promise and optimism. People were able to combine artistic and business creativity with the Internet, which made it possibly to connect with...

Google's Purchase of Doubleclick Has Some Far Reaching Implications

Google's $3 billion+ purchase of Doubleclick will have a pretty big impact on the Web economy. Doubleclick used to be a publicly traded company during the first Web boom in the late 90's, which the...

Digg Traffic Versus Google Traffic - Which One Converts Better?

Any web marketer that utilizes social bookmarking as a way of driving traffic to their site has always wondered about just how many Digg users actually click advertisements when they visit. For the...

Adwords Implements Two Changes to How Ads Are Displayed

You may have noticed a couple of days ago that when you search Google, you will notice a change in how the top two Adwords advertisements (those located about the ten free searches) are laid out to...

Google Adsense Updates The Look of Their Advertisements

Darren Rowse posted on his blog several days ago that Google Adsense was going to be rolling out a ...

Google Adwords vs. MSN Adcenter vs. Yahoo Search Marketing - The Pros and Cons of All Three

Google Adwords

Pros - by far the most traffic of any of the three big search engines

-once you develop a high quality score for a keyword, you will own it, regardless...

Google Paid Out $976 Million Dollars to Adsense Partners in Q4 (Gimme, Gimme)

I was just looking over Google's Q4 earnings report and I noticed that Google paid out an enormous $976 million dollars to their Adsense partners in Q4, up from $825 million dollars in the third qu...


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